A & B Accessories

A & B Accessories

Hot Tub Steps

Your spa experience is not complete without beautiful, high-quality hot tub steps. A&B Accessories can provide lovely products, including hot tub steps, that finish off your spa.

From initial concept to finished product, every one of our hot tub steps is handmade by skilled craftsmen. We provide a wide array of options — 672 possible combinations total — when it comes to your hot tub steps, including:

  • Open or enclosed hot tub steps
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4-tier heights
  • 7 width groups (24″ to 90″)
  • Straight or curved hot tub steps
  • 9 gorgeous colors

Our vast database of over 150 manufacturers assures a perfect fit to any make and model of hot tub. Best of all, our steps are strong, stable, and very durable.

Piano Key Step HED33BR
Hybrid Storage Step HST0REG
Hybrid 2 Lateral Tread Step W/ Handrail HSE36E
Hybrid 4 Tier Wide Side Entry Step H4TSEG
4 Tier, Piano Key Step, Open
2 Tier Sunburst Step HSBS1R
A&B Accessories Spa Surrounds
Handrails For Hybrid Storage Step HHRAILGA


A&B Accessories has a variety of seating options to complement your spa and enhance your backyard. Crafted with our HDPE material, your new planter or storage bench will be durable, weatherproof and effortlessly classy. Our benches are perfect nestled between two planters, fit around your spa or being used to store your towels and aromatherapy oils.

Storage Bench HSB01R
Planters Bench HOB48E/HPL01E

Cabinets & Kitchens


2 Door 2 Drawer ODK908
XL TV Cabinet ODK906
Door Drawer/Door Cabinet ODK902/ODK902R
Server Cabinet With Refrigerator Space ODK909
Corner Cabinet ODK905
3 Door Cabinet ODK903
Grill Cabinet ODK 900
Grill Cabinet ODK900
A&B Accessories Kitchens
High Dining Bar ODK907
Gorgeous Gazebos
A&B Accessories Pergolas

Other Accessories

For nearly 30 years, A&B Accessories has provided the nation with superior, handmade spa accessories to complement their yards and add immeasurable enjoyment and functionality to their spaces.

Available in 11 colors, our spa accessories include:

  • Bar stools – Pull up a seat to the spa surround as you cool off. With our matching seating, you can enjoy a meal or company spa-side.
  • Easy sliders – A slider makes your cover last longer through its gentle operation. Bar lifters put excessive strain on cover seams and joints by hanging the entire weight of the cover by its center seam. Our easy slider is easier to operate as the weight of the cover is supported by the spa and lifter – you aren’t required to lift the weight of the cover. It also provides an unobstructed view.
  • Planters – Enhance your environment with a little greenery; add planters that match your other spa accessories and surround.
  • Towel trees – Let your towels dry out naturally and thoroughly with a color-coordinated towel tree from A&B Accessories.
  • Steps – With open and enclosed steps in 1, 2, 3, or 4 tier heights, 10 width groups (24″ to 240″) and 11 colors, we’re sure one of our 80 step options will suit your needs.
24″ Bar Stools HSS24
36″ Half Round Hybrid Table
Planter HPL01
Towel Tree HTTE
Easy Slider ES01